Bringing successful authors and illustrators to the children of Bozeman!

Lois LowryLois Lowry is a writer with a great wealth of experience. Her father was a career military officer, and she grew up in locations ranging from New York to Tokyo. The second born of three children, Lois was a solitary child who lived in a world formed by books and her own vivid imagination. After marrying a Naval officer, Lois continued her life of travel until she and her family settled in Maine. While there, schooling and then professional writing became part of Lois’s life. Lois now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Although her written works have varied in regard to content and style, Lois feels that they all gravitate around a single general theme: the importance of human connections. She believes that it is vital for people to be aware of their interdependence with each other and the environment.

Number the StarsLois has written a great many books for children during her long and storied career. These include Crow Call, The Birthday Ball, The Willoughbys, and A Summer to Die. Her books Number the Stars and The Giver, which is the first book in a series, have both been chosen as Newbery Medal books. Lois’s writing has also won her dozens of other awards, including two Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards and the Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Contribution to Young Adult Literature. Check out some of Lois’s books at the Bozeman Public Library. To learn more about Lois and her books, visit her website and read the biography written about her by John Bankston.

KarmaKarma Wilson grew up in the wilderness of North Idaho. TV reception was limited to three channels, so Karma spent her time reading and playing outdoors. Reading was her greatest love, and she was finishing about a book a day by the age of eleven. Karma’s mother was a professional writer, and Karma thought it seemed like boring work; therefore, she did not consider writing as a career until she had a family and children. She then realized that she still loved good children’s books. Then her family got a computer, and Karma combined her newfound typing skills, her love of children’s books, and her desire to make the computer pay for itself and became a writer of children’s books. Karma has now had more than thirty books accepted for publication. She and her family live on a small ranch in Montana.

Bear Snores OnKarma’s written works include The Cow Loves Cookies, Mortimer’s First Garden, Animal Strike at the Zoo. It’s True!, A Frog in the Bog, and Baby Cakes. Her book Bear Snores On has won numerous awards and been a New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller in the children’s picture book category. Check out all of these books and more at the Bozeman Public Library. Visit Karma’s website for more information about her and her books.

Writers Elaine Alphin, Michele Corriel, and Jeanette Ingold also participated in the Festival!

Click here to view the year’s Children’s Festival of the Book Program!


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