Bringing successful authors and illustrators to the children of Bozeman!

Amy2014 Children’s Festival of the Book Program

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a writer of books for both children and adults. Amy also lists short films, salads, connections with the universe, something out of nothing, and wishes as things she likes to make. She advocates an outlook on life that stems from the idea that life is precious and to be enjoyed and savored. When Amy is not writing or spending time with her family, she has been known to connect strangers through random acts of humanity. Her exploits have included leaving chocolate treats on a random porch and hanging 100 one-dollar bills from a tree. Her creativity and life-loving philosophy create a channel of ideas for her to utilize. Amy and her family currently live in Chicago.

Plant a KissAmy’s creations for children include Plant a Kiss, Duck! Rabbit!, and Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, all of which are New York Times best sellers. Her books for adults include Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life and The Mother’s Guide to the Meaning of Life: What Being a Mom Has Taught Me about Resiliency, Guilt, Acceptance, and Love. Many of these works and more are available for checkout at the Bozeman Public Library. Learn more about Amy, her life, and her books by visiting her website.

Charise TwoCharise Mericle Harper is a writer and illustrator of children’s books. Born in Vancouver, Canada, Charise started drawing and making books as a child. Charise used to have a comic strip that appeared in a number of newspapers and has made comics for Nickelodeon Magazine. She likes to participate in the creation of many kinds of art from those involving painting to those involving the use of computers. When she works on a children’s story, Charise begins by writing them and then draws the pictures. She lives with her family in Westchester, New York.

Go! Go! Go! Stop!Charise’s books include Go! Go! Go! Stop!, Cupcake, and Just Grace. These books are available at the Bozeman Public Library along with many of Charise’s other books. Explore Charise’s website for more details about her work, interviews with her, and more.

JanetJanet Fox is a writer raised in Illinois and living in Montana. She loved writing stories from a very young age. When her third grade teacher secretly sent one of her poems to the local newspaper and Janet saw it published, she realized that writing could be a profession. After her son was born and entered school, Janet left her other jobs and started writing stories for children. In 2008, Janet became a student at the Vermont College of Fine Arts and graduated with a MFA degree in writing for children and young adults. Janet spends much of her time writing because telling stories is her passion.

Get OrganizedJanet’s written works include Sirens, Forgiven, Faithful, and Get Organized Without Losing It. These books are available for checkout at the Bozeman Public Library. Please visit Janet’s website to contact her, learn more about her works, and hear more about her life.

And be sure to check out our Children’s and Teens’ Writing Contest and Illustration Exhibition (ages 8 – 18) this year.  Go to the “Contests” tab for more information and to download submission forms!


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