Bringing successful authors and illustrators to the children of Bozeman!

Henry ColeHenry Cole is a self-taught artist, although his mother was a professional illustrator and helped him develop his skills.  Henry has always loved picture books and enjoyed drawing them. He studied forestry at Virginia Tech, which taught him to pay attention to detail and assisted him in his drawing. In sixteen years of teaching elementary school science classes, Henry saw many authors and illustrators come to talk about their work with the students. He decided that he wanted to do the same and became a book illustrator. Henry also has experience in magazine illustration. He currently lives in Virginia.

I Know a Wee PiggyHenry has illustrated many published books, including I Know a Wee Piggy and Three Hens and a Peacock. He also sometimes both writes and illustrates his own books, including A Nest for Celeste and On Meadowview Street. Many of his books are available for checkout at the Bozeman Public Library. To contact Henry or learn more, visit his website.

Henry’s comments about his visit:

“Usually I’m saying ‘Great to be home!’ after I’ve been away, but THIS time it was ‘wish I was back in Bozeman!’ What great people, so friendly and hospitable… centered around a magnificent library… and surrounded by great scenery. Thank you for hosting me for a wonderful two (and too brief) days.”

MaileMaile Meloy is an young adult and adult fiction writer born and raised in Helena, Montana. Maile writes full-length books, essays, and short stories, often switching between them. She sees time as one of the main requirements of writing and advises fledgling writers to put in the time and worry less about what they finish to take the pressure off of individual stories or chapters. While not writing, Maile participates in obscure sports like kayak polo. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

The apothecaryMaile’s first book for young readers, The Apothecary, was published in 2011. It became a New York Times bestseller and won the 2012 E.B. White Award. The book also won the California Book Awards Gold Medal. Her new young readers book The Apprentices continues from where The Apothecary left off. Both books are available for checkout at the Bozeman Public Library. Maile is currently working on the third book in the series. To learn more about Maile or about her work, visit her website.

Maile’s comments about her visit:

“I love the Children’s Festival of the Book! The Bozeman Public Library alone is worth a trip to beautiful Montana, and the festival is perfect. Everyone there is a delight.”

Local writers Michele Corriel, Janet Fox, Susan Ewing, and Blythe Woolston also participated in the Festival!

Click here to view the year’s Children’s Festival of the Book Program!


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