Bringing successful authors and illustrators to the children of Bozeman!

2013 Testimonials:

Henry Cole, author and illustrator

“Usually I’m saying ‘Great to be home!’ after I’ve been away, but THIS time it was ‘wish I was back in Bozeman!’ What great people, so friendly and hospitable… centered around a magnificent library… and surrounded by great scenery. Thank you for hosting me for a wonderful two (and too brief) days.”


Maile Meloy, author

“I love the Children’s Festival of the Book! The Bozeman Public Library alone is worth a trip to beautiful Montana, and the festival is perfect. Everyone there is a delight.”


From attendees: 

“Thanks for another spectacular Children’s Festival of the Book. I so enjoy this event every year – actually, somehow, even more with each year.”

“I loved the Children’s Festival of the Book! I thought Henry Cole and Maile Meloy were incredible and inspiring.”

“Congrats on a great day this past Saturday. I had a blast as did everyone else there it seemed.”

“What a great treat for us to meet Maile. Please let all the wonderful staff/volunteers at BPL know that we love our library and its people. We feel so fortunate!”

“Nothing could be more fabulous. Still the highlight of my entire year.”

2012 Testimonials:

Paul Zelinski, illustrator and writer

“The Bozeman Festival of the Book was one of the most fun and enthusiastically community-supported events I’ve ever been to.”


Edward Hemingway, writer and illustrator

“Kid’s Lit is alive and well in the Bridger Mountains! Come celebrate books both great and small with the incomparable Children’s Festival of the Book.”

“My favorite book festival. Ever.”


From attendees: 

“Great, great community event. Loved it. Can’t get enough of this!”

“Totally impressive. What an exciting way to bring the community together to celebrate reading!”

“Loved the drawings and being introduced to such fabulous new children’s literature.”

“I was impressed by the turn out. Participation is so important and the younger the better. It will become a life-long habit. You’re doing amazing things here!”

“VERY fun and educational! I thoroughly enjoyed this event! Lots of fun! Great presenters!”

“This was fantastic again! Thank you so much! I’ve come every year since it started and I love it.”

“Thank you so much for this event. Such hard work for the staff and volunteers to produce such a wonderful, world-class event!”


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